Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Crochet Pattern: Owl Fingerless Gloves

Free Crochet Pattern: Owl Fingerless Gloves

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 I found this pattern for owl fingerless gloves on Ravelry as a free download by Erika Ward.  I wanted to make a pair of fingerless gloves like these for a while but every pattern I found was for knitting and not crocheting.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow and the gloves came out looking just like the photos in the pattern.  I modified it a bit and added a ribbed texture to the bottom rows of the gloves.

The pattern for these fingerless gloves can be found  HERE


  1. Those gloves look amazing. what inspired you to create this design. what is it about crochet that keeps you hooked

  2. I'm stuck! All good until I attempt the owl cross-then I get muddled- right on the part where the asterisks are. Trebles? Where? And are you now reaching backwards?? Without a visual this part is confusing. Suggestions?

    OWL CROSS: skip 4 stitches, 2 fptr, ch 2, **reach in front of the trebles and fptr in each of the 2
    fpdcs you skipped**, skip 4 stitches, 2 fptr (into the far pair of fpdc's), ch 2, reach behind the
    trebles and fptr in each of the 2 fpdcs you skipped, skip past the rest of the cabling

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    2. Hi Ms.Dionne Jennings! I also had ALOT of problems with the Owl Cross.
      when you're on R3, focus on the next 12 st [which will be 2fpdc, 8dc, 2fpdc]. you'll skip 4st, 2fptr, ch2, 2fptr in to the first pair of fpdc that you did in R2.
      skip 4st, 2fptr into the next pair of fpdc, ch 2, count 2st back from were you fptr into the fpdc, and bptr into those 2st. then skip past the cables and continue.
      I hope this helped! cause it frustrated me soo much! :] Much Blessings on this project <3

  3. is there a video tutorial out there to help with the different owl stitches? I have made what looks like skeleton gloves and want to try to get these done for a gift for my mother...if anyone can help I would really appreciate it... my email is thank you in advance!!!

  4. These are adorable!!!! Thanks so much for sharing SMILE Helen



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