Thursday, August 30, 2012

$200 Fall Event: Have it Your Way Giveaway, Blogger Opportunity

 Jenn's Blah Blah Blog, Diva Fabulosa and Simply Shawn & Jenn are bringing you an awesome FREE Blogger Opportunity! They will be giving away $200, in their Have it your way event! How will this work? Whatever the winner wants, the winner will get! Kindle Fire, PayPal Cash, Amazing, Wal-Mart, Target! Who cares, they get just what they want! Blogger get FREE Facebook link with the option to purchase additional links! Jenn's Blah Blah Blog had a giveaway just like this called the Sizzling Summer Giveaway that was fabulous, so were going to bring it back over and over and over again! This time Simply Shawn & Jenn has decided to join in the fun to celebrate reaching over 10K fans! About the event
  • Prize: Whatever you want up to $200 (shipping included) Do you want a Kindle Fire? Maybe an iPod, hummm maybe gift card to Target, oh wait Paypal cash? We don't care we want you to have it your way! So let the games begin, and let's have some fun with this one!
  • Event will run from Sept 20th until Oct 20th.
  • Free Facebook
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You can sign up for this event, HERE

Free Fall Crochet Patterns

Free Fall Crochet Patterns

One thing I miss about living in the Midwest is the fall.  I love going for hikes once the weather cools and the leaves begin to change colors.  Here are some free crochet patterns I found that are inspired by fall.

1.  Baby Pumpkin Crochet Beanie

2.  Amigurumi Pumpkin

3.  Autumn Leaves

4. Crochet Beret

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Help Me Choose My Next Free Pattern!

Help Me Choose My Next Free Pattern!

I am having a really hard time deciding on what I would like my next free crochet pattern to be.  I thought the easiest way to decide would be to ask my readers.  Below is a poll with a few items that I have been thinking about making.  Pick what you like the best or if you have an idea that isn't listed below, feel free to add it!

My next free pattern should be for what item?

Fingerless Gloves0%
A New Animal Hat0%
Slouchy Hat0%
Other: (Please specify)0%

Monday, August 27, 2012

Crocheting Projects and New Newsletter!

 Crocheting Projects

The past month has been pretty hectic around my house. We went on a mini vacation with the in-laws, helped my brother-in-law, whose in the army, ready to leave for South Korea and had to ready our house in case Isaac came our way.

 Luckily, Isaac missed our area and all we have gotten is rain. This, has given me some time to stay indoors and work on a few crochet projects. I just finished this Cleveland Indians themed tissue box holder for my mom. She asked if I could make one with Chief Wahoo for a friend of hers that is obsessed with the Indians.

Never will I attempt this again! I think Chief Wahoo came out alright but it took days of playing around with yarn and trying new things to get his face just the way I wanted it.  I know the photo isn't the best quality, it came from my cell phone.

The next project I made was this baby bear hat and diaper cover set in oatmeal.  I absolutely love this yarn and thought the color suited the bear set.  The yarn is oatmeal in color but has flecks of blue, black and gray through it.

Tampa Bay Crochet Newsletter

I will be starting a Tampa Bay Crochet e-mail newsletter.  You can sign up by entering your name and e-mail address in the form on the right sidebar of my blog.  The newsletter will include new pattern notifications, upcoming patterns, projects, sales and crochet advice.  Sign up to stay up to date on everything related to Tampa Bay Crochet :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall Crafts Using Burlap from Gina at!

Burlap is a great versatile fabric that can add some autumnal flair to your home without too much effort.
And since during the fall parties go from being porch centered to more living room and kitchen centered, there are a number of things you can do with burlap to add unique touches to your home that will have people asking you where you got them.

Burlap pillows are really simple to make and much cheaper than buying one. I’ve seen burlap pillows for as much as $60 when I know the materials cost less than half that.
Burlap is a pretty porous fabric so you don’t want to simply make the pillow out of the burlap. The best way is to make a plain pillow using a color similar to the color burlap you’ve bought, or you can choose a complementary colored fabric that will just bleed through the holes a little bit to give it another dimension. Plus, if you want to keep the pillows on your couch year-round you can make the pillow form out of a color that matches the rest of the room and re-make the outer covering depending on the time of the year.

You’ll need
·          Pillow form fabric cut into 12 1/2” by 20 ½”
·          Burlap fabric cut into 23” by 15”
·          Pillow filling

You stitch around the outside of the fabric, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing it. Once stuffed you sew the opening closed.
Stitch 1½ inches around three sides of the burlap fabric, insert the pillow form in the open side. Stitch shut.
For a frayed look you can just pull threads from the outside edge of the pillow, or if you’re looking for a more sleek pillow turn the burlap pillow form inside out before inserting the stuffed pillow.

If you want to add some lettering or a image, like in the image shown above, you simply create the banner panel on a third kind of fabric and then sew it in place on the burlap, making sure it’s on the side of the fabric you’ve chosen to be the outside.

Another easy thing to do with burlap is use it to cover a bulletin board or as the backing on a photo collage or frame. Obviously, this is really simple to do. Just get a corkboard or piece of cardboard in the size that you want and cover it with the burlap. You can then make a border with buttons or even decorative pushpins. The holes won’t show through the burlap so you can move things around as much as you want.
It’s also just as easy to make an earring holder from burlap, if you want to do something just for your bedroom. Simply stretch the burlap over a circle or square frame and secure it in place. Depending on the thickness of the burlap you’ve chosen and how heavy your earrings are, you might want to put 2 layers of burlap up.

If you just want to find something to do with those extra pieces of burlap you have lying around from the above projects, burlap tags are a really cute and simple way to use up those scraps.

Just cut the scraps into the sizes you want, spray then with fabric stiffener, wait for them to dry, draw or sew whatever you want on to the scraps and then glue them on to the dowels.These are perfect for a garden, window box, or kitchen window herb garden. 

You can use the same method without the dowels to label picture collages. They look great with autumn themed collages, for example Halloween costume pictures or maybe a Thanksgiving family photo collage.
And speaking of Thanksgiving, the garden labels can also easily be used to help label dishes during Thanksgiving or any party. All you need to find is some kind of base for the dowel rod so that it stands up. It might be a good use for the kids old Play doh that needs to be thrown away anyway! I would make sure to also wrap the base in burlap as well and tie it off with a piece of twine or other thin piece of fabric. has some great affordable fabrics, including burlap.

For more project ideas and great deals on Fabric visit, Fabric Street.  You can also find them on Facebook.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Free Back To School Crochet Patterns

Summer is coming to an end and the new school year is about to begin.  Here are some great free crochet patterns for the new school year.

1.  Roll-Up Pencil Case by Kim Kotary

2.  Adjustable Book Cover

3.  Lunch Bag from Crochet Uncut

4.  Spring Petals Backpack by Susan Gator

Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting Ready for Fall: Free Crochet Patterns

Getting Ready for Fall:  Free Crochet Patterns

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The past few days I have been getting a start on preparing my Etsy shop for the upcoming Fall and Halloween.  I decided to try a few new patterns I found on Ravelry and thought I would share my favorites with you.

The first pattern I tried was for this newborn pumpkin hat.  The pattern is by Danyel Pink and it was listed on  The hat came out just like it looked in the picture.  I only made a few little tweaks to the pattern.  I added a row of single crochets to the bottom brim of the hat just because I thought it gave the brim a more finished look.  I also added a few more rows of half double crochets to the body of the hat.  I found my yarn did not have very much give, so I needed a few extra rows.  This pattern is written for a newborn but it is very basic and could easily be modified to fit any size range.

Color nature with Copic markers!

The second pattern I tried was for this amigurumi pumpkin.  The pattern is written by June Gilbank from Planet June.  June has the best free crochet amigurumi patterns that I have found on the web.  This pumpkin came out perfectly without having to make any adjustments to the pattern.  I did however decide to use a larger crochet hook and add a few stitches to make a larger version of the pumpkin.  It also came out great.  These little pumpkins would make great fall/Halloween decorations.  I also think they would look absolutely adorable as decorations at your Thanksgiving dinner table.

I have several additional patterns I hope to try this next week as well as a few ideas for new patterns of my own.  Stay tuned :)


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