Monday, August 27, 2012

Crocheting Projects and New Newsletter!

 Crocheting Projects

The past month has been pretty hectic around my house. We went on a mini vacation with the in-laws, helped my brother-in-law, whose in the army, ready to leave for South Korea and had to ready our house in case Isaac came our way.

 Luckily, Isaac missed our area and all we have gotten is rain. This, has given me some time to stay indoors and work on a few crochet projects. I just finished this Cleveland Indians themed tissue box holder for my mom. She asked if I could make one with Chief Wahoo for a friend of hers that is obsessed with the Indians.

Never will I attempt this again! I think Chief Wahoo came out alright but it took days of playing around with yarn and trying new things to get his face just the way I wanted it.  I know the photo isn't the best quality, it came from my cell phone.

The next project I made was this baby bear hat and diaper cover set in oatmeal.  I absolutely love this yarn and thought the color suited the bear set.  The yarn is oatmeal in color but has flecks of blue, black and gray through it.

Tampa Bay Crochet Newsletter

I will be starting a Tampa Bay Crochet e-mail newsletter.  You can sign up by entering your name and e-mail address in the form on the right sidebar of my blog.  The newsletter will include new pattern notifications, upcoming patterns, projects, sales and crochet advice.  Sign up to stay up to date on everything related to Tampa Bay Crochet :)


  1. That's way cute! I can knit a little but must learn to crochet!



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