Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free and Spooky Halloween Patterns

Free and Spooky Halloween Patterns

Although September has not yet come to an end, Halloween seems to be in full swing in every store.  Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of the year.  I love dressing up and decorating the house.

To stick with the theme of Halloween, here are some free crochet patterns perfect for the upcoming holiday.

1.  Crochet Halloween Treat Basket Pattern:  For carrying around all of your candy! 

2.  Halloween Tombstone Ornament:  Great little decoration.

3.  Crochet Ghost Ornament:  Another great little Halloween decoration.

4.  Crochet Halloween Spider and Web

5.   Crochet Spooky Cup Cozies:  Great for home or the office.

6.  Crochet Witch Hat


  1. The baskets are nice! The ghost looks like Casper, very cute!

  2. I too love the baskets. A great selection to choose from :)

  3. wow great finds, love the baskets your blog is great :)

    Brooke x



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