Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Update: Shuttle Tatting Craftsy Course

Update:  Shuttle Tatting Craftsy Course

Online Shuttle Tatting Class

              Over the weekend I was able to start the shuttle tatting course I purchased through Craftsy.  This is the first Craftsy course I have taken so I didn't really know what to expect.  After purchasing the course, I went to the online "homeroom" and downloaded the course materials list and patterns.

I ran to a couple of stores over the weekend to get the materials I needed for the course.  I bought a few different colors of crochet thread at Walmart.  They had a bunch of crochet thread on clearance so I was able to get them for $1.99 a piece!  I found this two pack of tatting shuttles at Jo-Anns for $5.99.  You can probably find them cheaper online but I bought them because I wanted to start the course right away.

The introduction to the course gave a little history of shuttle tatting and explained exactly what shuttle tatting is.  The instructor also had several projects laid out on the table as examples of what you can make with shuttle tatting.

The first actual lesson began by showing how to thread, wind, and hold the shuttle.  After that, the instructor showed how to complete a double stitch.  I had to rewind and watch this portion of the lesson a few times before I got the hang of it.  The way you hold and move the shuttle is different from crochet hook. After a few tries, I had the double stitch down pat! .  You are able to ask a question during the lesson by typing it into a box and submitting. Also, on the right hand side of the screen you can see all of the questions that are currently being asked by your classmates. I am really excited to watch the next few episodes and begin working on the patterns that were provided with the class.  I will continue to update you on my progress. 


Online Shuttle Tatting Class

Monday, July 29, 2013

Free Crochet Earring Tutorials

 Free Crochet Earrings Tutorials


     As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been obsessed with crocheting jewelry lately.  It is something I hadn't tried before but after finding a few crochet earring tutorials on Youtube I decided to give it a try.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

I love crocheting hats, scarves and slippers but living in Florida I don't get the opportunity to wear them very often.  However, jewelry is something that I can wear year round so I was very excited to give it a try. At first, it was a little bit of an adjustment working with the crochet thread and such a tiny hook but after crocheting my first pair of earrings I was used to the feel of the thin thread and small hook.

I wanted to share the wonderful tutorials for crochet earrings that I found on Youtube.  I have tried both of these tutorials and included pictures of my earrings below.

Craftsy Yarn and Fabric sale up to 80% off from 11/27-12/2!

1.  Pineapple Remix Earrings by OneVirtuousWoman

The tutorial is very easy to follow and I absolutely love how the earrings turned out. My first earring took me a little while to crochet but after getting the hang of it my second earring was done in about half the time.  The tutorial is nearly 27 minutes and shows you each step of crocheting the earrings.

Here are my finished Pineapple Remix Earrings

2.  Crochet Web Earrings by TexasYarnLover

I've seen similar hoop earrings for sale on Etsy and always wanted to learn how to make them.  I will admit that I had to watch several parts of this tutorial twice to figure out how to make them.  But, once I got the hang of it the second earring was finished in no time.  The earrings are very quick to make once you understand what to do.  The tutorial shows you every step in crocheting these earrings and how to add the beads.

Here are my finished Crochet Web Earrings

I have several other free crochet earring patterns bookmarked and will share pictures and links to the patterns once I get a chance to try them out.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Tampa Bay Crochet Friday Update

Tampa Bay Crochet Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone!  I wanted to give you all a little update.  Over the past few days I have become addicted to crocheting earrings.  I've already made three pairs and given one pair to a friend as a gift.  I found some great tutorials on Youtube that I will share with you guys in an upcoming post.  I want to take a few photos of the earrings that I have made to include with the tutorial links.  I will most likely post the links over the weekend, so keep a look out.

While crocheting the earrings I did make a mistake.  I told you all that I have been dealing with some health problems lately and part of my health concerns is my back.  I found out that I have three bulging discs in my lower back in addition to coccydynia.  I will be going to get a steroid injection in my back hopefully within the next few weeks but until then I have to take it easy.  I have a doughnut cushion to sit on that helps a little with the coccydynia but yesterday while crocheting some earrings I forgot to use it and I ended up in some pretty severe pain.  I was concentrating so hard the earring tutorial that I didn't even notice until I stood up.  Needless to say i spent the rest of the day in bed with an ice pack on my back.  Enough about my boring health concerns, I hope to be at 100% in a few weeks and able to start crocheting full-time again!

I also wanted to let you know that I hope to start my learning to blog about crochet series next Friday.  I will post a blog entry at the beginning of next week outlining what I hope to cover throughout the series.  After that, I will post a new entry each Friday.  While I will be focusing on creating a crochet themed blog I think there will be a lot of information and tips that could be used to create a blog on any topic.

I hope that you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern: Awareness Ribbon Earrings

Free Crochet Pattern:  Awareness Ribbon Earrings

Nearly all of us have someone in our lives who have battled cancer or other severe illnesses.  Personally, a very good friend of my family was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  After receiving treatment, she is now thankfully cancer free.
I saw a tutorial on Youtube for crochet awareness earrings.  I immediately thought of my friend and wanted to make a pair for her.  I started following the tutorial but I thought the pattern was a lot more complicated than it needed to be.  Instead of following the Youtube pattern, I came up with my own and I am pleased with the finished result.  Though I made these earrings in pink for breast cancer awareness, they could be made with any color crochet thread.  Below is my version of the awareness ribbon earrings.

Awareness Ribbon Earrings

Note:  This pattern is also available as a free PDF download through Craftsy by clicking here.


- Size 10 crochet thread.  For the earrings in this tutorial I used Redheart Cotton Thread in Coral but any size 10 crochet thread will do.

- Size 4 crochet hook (2.00mm)
- Tapestry needle to weave in ends and add a stitch to hold the folded ribbon in place.
Spray Starch (optional) 
Jump Ring 7mm
1" Brass Silver Plated Fishook Earring by Darice (You can use your favorite earring finding)
Pliers (optional:  will depend on the thickness of your jump ring)


st = Stitch
sl st = Slip Stitch
sc = Single Crochet
dc = Double Crochet
ch = chain

Begin by making a slip knot and loosely chaining 30

Step 1:  Dc into the third ch from your hook.  Dc in each ch across until you reach the end of the row. (28 stitches total including the beginning chains you skipped)

Step 2: Ch 1 and turn, you will now sc around your entire crochet work placing 3 sc sts in each corner.

Step 3:  Tie off yarn and weave in the loose ends using a tapestry needle.

Step 4:  Fold your crochet awareness ribbon over until you are happy with the shape of the ribbon.  Using the tapestry needle and a small piece of yarn, place two stitches through the overlapping sections of the ribbon to secure the ribbons shape.  When you are finished with the stitches, tie off the yarn and weave in the loose ends with the tapestry needle.

Step 5:  This step is optional. Lay your ribbon flat on top of a towel.  Using your spray starch, lightly spray your ribbon.  Smooth out the ribbon until you are happy with it's shape.  Then, allow the ribbon to completely dry.

Step 6:  Attach the jump ring and fish hook earring.  If your jump ring is thick, you may need a pair of pliers to close the opening.

Today Only: 50% Off Crochet Shuttle Tatting Craftsy Course

 Today Only:  50% Off Crochet Shuttle Tatting Craftsy Course

*Update:  Discount Applies to Craftsy Members Only.  Craftsy members, check your e-mail for discounts.

Online Shuttle Tatting Class

Tatting is a technique for creating beautiful lace work by making a series of knots and loops.  It's a popular technique for making lace edging, doilies and collars but it can also be used for many other projects including beautiful jewelry!

Craftsy offers a course, Shuttle Tatting with Marilee Rockley, that I have been eying for sometime.  This morning I received an e-mail saying that for today only the course is 50% off!  I will be enrolling in the course and wanted to share this opportunity with all of you.

Below is the description of what you can expect to learn during the course and what projects you will complete from the Craftsy class website.

What You'll Learn in Shuttle Tatting

  • The basic lark's head knot and double stitch
  • Creating lace patterns with chains, rings and picots
  • How to read vintage patterns and where to find them - free!
  • Setting up and winding shuttles, choosing thread and fixing mistakes
  • Advanced techniques: reverses, joins and beadwork, node stitch, floating and split rings
  • Bonus techniques: split chain, lock stitch chain, and block tatting

What You'll Make in Shuttle Tatting

  • Little flowers and butterflies for practice
  • Floret Earrings
  • Classic Edge Bracelet
  • Rhapsody Necklace
  • Parfait Snowflakes
Below are some pictures from the Craftsy website submitted by students who have taken this course.  I am so excited to take the class and I can't wait to post pictures of my future tatting projects.  Hopefully, after taking this course I will be able to create my own tatting patterns to share.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity you can register by clicking on the link below.

Online Shuttle Tatting Class


*Disclaimer:  I participate in the Craftsy Affiliate program.  However, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thank You to all of My Followers

 I just wanted to say a big "thank you" to all of my loyal followers.  I sincerely apologize for being absent for the past several months.  I stopped blogging and put my Etsy shop on hold just before Christmas to allow me to spend time with my family.  However, after the holiday I was forced to deal with some medical problems and was unable resume my blog and shop.

However, I am happy to report that I am now on the mend and very glad to be able to start crocheting again!  I have lots of new ideas for patterns and I cannot wait to share with all of you.  I am going to take a few more weeks before I re-open my Etsy shop.  I want to make sure that I am at 100% before I begin to take on orders.

In addition to new patterns, I also want to start a blog series on how to start your own themed blog.  I have received several e-mails from people who would like to start their own crochet blog but are unsure where to start.  In the blog series I hope to go through all of the basic steps to starting your own blog, as well as tips to help you monetize and promote your blog.

Thank you again for following my blog, even in my absence.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you!


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