Friday, July 26, 2013

Tampa Bay Crochet Friday Update

Tampa Bay Crochet Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone!  I wanted to give you all a little update.  Over the past few days I have become addicted to crocheting earrings.  I've already made three pairs and given one pair to a friend as a gift.  I found some great tutorials on Youtube that I will share with you guys in an upcoming post.  I want to take a few photos of the earrings that I have made to include with the tutorial links.  I will most likely post the links over the weekend, so keep a look out.

While crocheting the earrings I did make a mistake.  I told you all that I have been dealing with some health problems lately and part of my health concerns is my back.  I found out that I have three bulging discs in my lower back in addition to coccydynia.  I will be going to get a steroid injection in my back hopefully within the next few weeks but until then I have to take it easy.  I have a doughnut cushion to sit on that helps a little with the coccydynia but yesterday while crocheting some earrings I forgot to use it and I ended up in some pretty severe pain.  I was concentrating so hard the earring tutorial that I didn't even notice until I stood up.  Needless to say i spent the rest of the day in bed with an ice pack on my back.  Enough about my boring health concerns, I hope to be at 100% in a few weeks and able to start crocheting full-time again!

I also wanted to let you know that I hope to start my learning to blog about crochet series next Friday.  I will post a blog entry at the beginning of next week outlining what I hope to cover throughout the series.  After that, I will post a new entry each Friday.  While I will be focusing on creating a crochet themed blog I think there will be a lot of information and tips that could be used to create a blog on any topic.

I hope that you all have a great weekend!

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