Saturday, December 26, 2015

Help Me Keep Tampa Bay Crochet Alive!

Help Keep Tampa Bay Crochet Alive!

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I started a Go Fund Me campaign to help me move Tampa Bay Crochet to a professionally designed website with its own domain.  Below, is my story.

I recently found out that Google disapproved my Adsense account.  They wouldn't give me very much information about it or contact information for anyone who could help.  I tried to appeal, saying I would be willing to make any necessary changes but they wouldn't reinstate me.  

While I do not write Tampa Bay Crochet merely for the money, I do need some sort of compensation in order to keep this blog alive.  I know I have mentioned my health conditions in the past but right now I am unable to work outside of the home because of a chronic condition I have been dealing with for nearly three years.  During this time, Tampa Bay Crochet has provided a much needed distraction from the pain and nauseous that I deal with everyday.  Also, any income that the site generates goes towards buying craft supplies for new patterns, and if there is anything left over, it goes towards my medical expenses.

Now, I no longer have any income from Adsense and in order to continue my work I had to think of what I wanted to do with my blog.  I decided the best thing was to buy my own domain and have my site set up by a professional.  This would allow me to continue offering free crochet patterns and tutorials while opening my site up to new advertising opportunities.  Unfortunately, I do not have the financial means to upgrade my blog due to my massive medical bills.

I am asking anyone who is a fan of this blog, and able, to contribute to my fund.  If you can't contribute, please share my story.  Any little bit will help. I hope to keep Tampa Bay Crochet alive for years to come.

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